Artistic Research

National Gall
Examining recent revelations concerning the widespread tax avoidance of Canadian corporations, the National Gall exhibition poses the question: what lies hidden behind corporate “gifts” to major museums and cultural institutions? The exhibition specifically addresses financial networks of some of the largest corporations in the extractive sector headquartered in Canada, including Barrick Gold (Toronto); Husky Energy […]
St. Lawrence Crossing
One-page project commissioned by the Blackwood Gallery for a broadsheet publication from August 2018. The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, Issue 2, COMMUTING, August 2018.      
A Proposal for the Thousand Islands
Broder Island, a small, inconspicuous site in the St Lawrence River, perhaps more than any other island in the region, testifies to how transnational economic partnerships in the postwar era have radically reshaped local topographies. Originally part of the islands that compose the Thousand Islands National Park, Broder Island has become excluded from it, largely […]
Without Zebra
Inspired by the zebra mussel, and the histories of the St Lawrence River it has recently brought to light, this media installation investigates representations of transnational flows along the river and its international waterways. The St Lawrence Seaway, notably, has radically re-shaped access to the river from the 1950s, extending processes of colonial dispossession along […]
Version Sub Rip
This project draws from both the social and physical landscapes of the Maillardville neighbourhood to address the political and cultural forces shaping it, such as its French Canadian history and its industrial past. Version Sub Rip notably investigates the role of language as a delineating boundary both within the physical world and in psychological space. Through […]
Post at Turning
In an article from 1973 in The Queen’s Journal, a few months before the opening ofMackintosh-Corry Hall, a head of the user’s committee stated that a central theme for thedesign of the complex was to facilitate “vertical and lateral communication.” A “student street” on the second floor promised “meeting” and “happening” places, including a stage […]
Numéro spécial 100e, ETC Revue de l’art actuel, Octobre 2013
AMP Guides
Two pamphlets, Organising an Artwork Inventory, and Preparing a Media Release, published for General Inquiry Issue 1, 2010.
Block Box
Block Box is series of postcards. Each card features a particular film theatre in metro Vancouver, as seen from the building’s back. Images here respectively represent: Vancity Theatre; the former Fox Cinema; and Empire Theatres Esplanade. The postcards were created for Memory: Mail Art Exhibition and Swap, organised by the Richmond Art Gallery in 2013.
Vacant Value
Sydney Hart’s and Erica Scourti’s collaborative micro-residency at LOW&HIGH involves sharing the studio space for a week with each other and sharing their ideas with the audience. The public can get to know the artists and follow the development of their work by attending the residency’s initial and culminating presentations. The first explores places/landscapes/sites that […]
    Identity was created using documentation of the student tuition fee protest in London on 9 November 2011, and shot between London’s second Occupy Camp (Finsbury Square) and Bloomberg Space, a gallery in London’s financial centre (also part of the multinational financial news corporation Bloomberg LP). Windows giving onto an expansive Bloomberg Space gallery […]
Boccioni Calling All
  In 1997, the French navy ceased using morse code. The last message in this dying language was the following, emitted over the Altlantic: “Calling all. This is our last cry before our eternal silence.” Using a painting by the Italian futurist Umberto Boccioni, this morse code message was translated into moving image form, to […]